1.Cardiovascular Disease
4.Stress & Fatigue
5.Weak Immune System
   & Inflammation
6.Excess Weight & Water
7.Digestion & Elimination
8.Unhealthy Looking Skin
   & Accelerated Aging
9.Lack of Mental Clarity
    Undesirable Food     Cravings

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Who is Eloise Nelson?  What is “The Power of Chow”?

Eloise Nelson, Ph.D. studied Sports Physiology at the University of Nebraska before earning her M.A. and Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College.  She has 35 years experience in nutrition, natural health care and exercise training; including Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, Zumba and Soul-Sweat.  Eloise is a Master Hypnotherapist (Salt Lake City School of Hypnotherapy), NLP practitioner and has 10,000 hours of clinical experience specializing in nutritional and lifestyle education; weight reduction, eating disorders, and substance abuse.  As a 56 year-old mother of one daughter and three sons, (ages 31, 25, 19 and 12), Eloise has extensive personal and professional expertise in the area of adolescent development.  She wrote and produced the nationally distributed smoking-cessation program: Stop Smoking—Start Living™ (1992), and authored the self-help book, The 14 Day Gourmet Cleanse & Rejuvenation Program (2005).  She continues to teach two-week seminars and one day educational workshops on nutrition and food preparation, as well as provide individual consultations in the areas of lifestyle enhancement, anti-aging and longevity.  In 2006, Eloise was asked to formulate the recipes for the Live Juice Smoothie Bar at the world class spa, Miraval, in Tucson, AZ.  As a consultant for Aim House, a young adult residential mentoring program in Boulder, Co, she developed nutritional recipes, provided both group and individual nutritional education and food preparation instruction.  In 2008, Eloise wrote, produced and starred in the video series 10 Medicinal Smoothies (2009) which is distributed internationally and via her website, www.thepowerofchow.com.  Eloise is the Director of New Product Development for Organic Food Company, LLC; Boulder, CO, where she has formulated organic snack foods and organically grown supplements for 16 years that are currently sold in 50 states and 13 countries.  She also serves as head of OFC's in-house nutritional department, educating staff, consumers and health care practitioners regarding the benefits of proper nutrition. 

Resolve to Evolve

If one adheres to the doctrine that the body, given the proper conditions, has the ability to ward off any virus, repair any damaged cell or genetic imbalance, one must then go about the very dedicated task of creating those proper conditions. The body’s natural process does not heal itself with the “quick fix” expediency that many have come to prefer; yet the long-term ramifications of the natural process via strengthening the body’s own immune system and creating sustained health is the only sound objective. Understanding this fact on an intellectual level is one thing, but staying the natural healing course through the full cycle when fast foods, refined sweetners, chemical laced energy drinks and processed snacks are just a few feet away is the challenge. Health is wealth!

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