1.Cardiovascular Disease
4.Stress & Fatigue
5.Weak Immune System
   & Inflammation
6.Excess Weight & Water
7.Digestion & Elimination
8.Unhealthy Looking Skin
   & Accelerated Aging
9.Lack of Mental Clarity
    Undesirable Food     Cravings

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Are you suffering from Chronic Toxicity or Acidosis?

There are numerous symptoms associated with chronic toxicity which can result in unexplained illnesses or a general overall lack of health and vitality.  Have you been feeling out of sorts – or worse, do you have symptoms that affect you daily life?  Most people are surprised to learn that many of the symptoms they have been dealing with are signs of chronic toxicity. 

Chronic toxicity can have a hazardous effect on every system in the body.  People who do not take the necessary steps to detoxify properly will become overloaded with toxic build up from daily exposure.  Chemicals and toxins are stored in the brain, fat tissues and cellular membrane through-out the entire body causing free-radical damage and accelerated aging.  New chemicals that enter the body cannot be metabolized and safely eliminated because of the existing toxic over-load.  Many chemicals are carcinogenic and can damage the detoxification pathways, the immune, nervous and endocrine systems.

The test you are about to take will give you an indication of your level of toxicity. Many of the physical symptoms described in the test may be rooted in past injuries or a current disease. We are not suggesting that a full body detoxification program is a remedy for a specific illness. Through my personal experience I have found that many symptoms listed are often relieved with my alkalizing, nutrient-rich detoxification and rejuvenation program. A nutrient-dense diet, free of acid-producing waste, is the foundation for supporting the body's natural detoxification processes. This is an essential key to maintaining youthfulness and vitality.

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