1.Cardiovascular Disease
4.Stress & Fatigue
5.Weak Immune System
   & Inflammation
6.Excess Weight & Water
7.Digestion & Elimination
8.Unhealthy Looking Skin
   & Accelerated Aging
9.Lack of Mental Clarity
    Undesirable Food     Cravings

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Hear what other people are saying about The Power of Chow.
"Nutrition is one of the most important elements of my training".
Robyn Erbesfield Raboutou
4 Time World Cup Rock Climbing Champion
"I Felt Cleaner, Purer and Lighter". "I lost 5 pounds I have been wanting to lose forever".
Jane McConnell
"I learned how to... take control of my eating and take it to a different level".
"I feel great physically and emotionally".
Mark Gelband
Father, Sculptor
"I found that I had a great amount of energy".
"I loved this cleanse".
Lisa Drake
Mother, Athlete
"I feel like she's changed my life".
Julie Daniels
"Working with Eloise made me more conscious... of everything i eat".
"I had more energy on a day to day basis".
Amy Beringer
"You feel like a whole new person".
"I have energy all day long".
Cindy Weitz
  • June 26th, Austin, TX
  • July 16th, Boulder, CO
  • July 23rd, Sebastapol, CA
  • Aug 6th, Boulder, CO
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